About TG


At TG we are passionate about creating a fun, hardworking and inclusive environment. TG is a place where you are excited to come after a long hard day’s work; a place where you can blow off steam, hang out with likeminded people and workout!

At TG we hope to inspire you on to a path towards a healthy lifestyle. We Focus on physical, social and emotional aspects of health and believe this is key to developing overall wellbeing.

“Best way of getting and keeping fit. A way to continue a competitive lifestyle after conventional team sports.”

“Brad is really helpful at identifying areas you may be weak at in a lift/movement, but is equally encouraging when you are getting it right.”


Brad is the Owner and Head Coach at TG.

“Health, fitness and wellbeing are a large part of my life. For over 10 years I have worked in a range of fitness settings, from global gyms to CrossFit gyms as Head Coach. Alongside coaching I also take part in fitness competitions at local and national levels in a team and as an individual. I have experience of coaching athletes at a range of levels at fitness competitions.

In my spare time, I take every opportunity to put my functional fitness to the test; I love being outside and exploring the beautiful Welsh landscape. My family, friends and cat (Mouse) are very important to me and playa huge role in my life.”

Photography by Thomas Madhavan